Monday, 10 August 2015

Review: Pandora Hearts

The heir to the Vessalius household, Oz Bezarius, has just turned fifteen but at his coming of age ceremony a clock that was frozen in time strikes and Oz, for an unknown reason is sent down to the Abyss (a prison for people who have committed crimes) only to be saved by Alice, the blood-stained black rabbit. The series unravels as Oz sets out to find Alice's memories and in doing so finding more out about the four duke households, the abyss, the black rabbit, the tragedy of Sabrie and the secret organisation known as 'Pandora'.
Good points:
The plot-line was great and the characters were each thought out extremely well with a background story for each. There was very few curses used and all scenes were child friendly although slightly scary. Even though it is a Shonen (i.e. an anime story mainly for boys) I think that Pandora Hearts would appeal to both boy and girl of nearly all ages. Some scenes may be scary or unsuitable for younger children but the fact that it used this to its advantage gave the story more depth for viewers to enjoy. The violence wasn't unsuitable or very scary or gory but there was quite a lot of it used throughout the series.
Bad points:
It starts off very slow paced in the first episode but soon picks itself up. The animations were sometimes grainy and I found that on the videos I watched the speaking was either ahead or behind of what was happening on screen although that may or may not have been the video's or anime's fault but that of the computer I was using at the time. Some of the images were very simple and minimalistic so couldn't quite give off the dramatic or detailed effect I think it was hoping for. One last bad point was that there should have either been more episodes or another series as I enjoyed the anime thoroughly. 
Suggested age rating:
Number of Episodes:
Star ratings: (1*= poor or low content 5*= great or high content)
Plot line:*****
Ease of following:****
Swearing/ cursing:*

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