Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha

School student, Inari, has a crush on her fellow classmate but after an embarrassing incident with him, she loses all hope. Soon after she visits her local shrine and meets a divine goddess who grants her the power to turn into any human she wants. The series follows Inari as she struggles to get the boy of her dreams to like her and to protect her family and friends
Good points:
The story was completely child-friendly and contained no bad language at all. The story-line was very sweet and sometimes sad and the characters were wonderfully unique, if sometimes a bit strange. It wasn't rude or inappropriate which makes it so much better than a lot of animes and therefore is completely suitable for anyone but especially people of my age group (I'm just 12). I really enjoyed the series and just wished it would be a bit longer because it was only 12 episodes but if you are looking for a short anime this is definitely the one for you.
Bad points:
The series was very short and things that I thought would happen didn't, so it left me a little disappointed. Certain characters were slightly confusing as the anime put them across as one thing but then later on they were completely opposite to what it had portrayed them as before.
Suggested age range:
Star ratings for: (1*= poor or high content 5*= great or high content)
Ease of following:*****
Swearing/ cursing:*
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