Saturday, 15 August 2015

Manga pictures

A few months ago I tried creating some manga pictures on MS Paint but a lot of them failed miserably. I copied a picture from an anime techniques book and drew it on paper and then scanned it onto the computer. I then opened it up on 'Paint' and began to draw around the outline. When I finished that I deleted the original pencil sketch and was left with just the black lines. Then I filled it in with colour and shading and that's when I encountered my problem. When I pressed the fill colour icon it didn't fill all the pixels. So I then had to zoom right in and use the eraser tool, but in the correct colour, and fill it in pixel by pixel. Eventually I did manage to finish my picture and so I would like to show you my finished piece so here it is below. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment (note: my dad checks everything).

My Geisha girl

I also did some characters on chibi maker ( go to my links page to find this free website):

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Anonymous said...

Well done lass - great to help you with your first ever blog, Dad.