Sunday, 12 July 2015

Review: Death Note

High school student, Light Yagami, finds a book called 'Death Note', that had been dropped by a Shinagami, (Japanese demon) that allows the possessor to kill anyone whose name they write in the book. Concerned with the injustice in the world, Yagami decides to use it to kill all criminals and become a human god but by murdering he is more likely to turn into a demon instead.The series follows Yagami as he becomes more and more evil as the book is used. 
Drama, mystery, psychological, supernatural, thriller, horror and fantasy.
Good Points:
The artwork is extremely detailed and the characters are well thought out. The storyline is imaginative and for people who like dark, twisted plots it would be a great one for you. The anime is a typical shonen (stories based on boys) and will appeal more to them than it did me.
Bad Points:
The plot was sometimes hard to follow and it was quite slow-paced. Compared to the book it is not quite as enjoyable, but is nevertheless still an interesting anime. There is some swearing used throughout and I skipped some scenes as I found they were unpleasant for my age. I didn't really like the series so therefore stopped watching it after the first two episodes.
Suggested age range:
Star ratings (*= poor or low quantity; ***** = good or high quantity)
Plotline: ****
Ease of following: ***
Artwork: ****
Swearing/ cursing:**
No. of episodes: 37
Dubbed or Subtitled: Both available

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