Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review: Terror in resonance

Plot: In an alternate version of the present day, tokyo has been hit by major a terrorist attack and the
only evidence left behind by the culprits is an obscure message left by them online.
Although Japan views the terrorists as extremely dangerous criminals who go by the name of 'Sphinx', they are in fact two teenage boys who call themselves Twelve and Nine. They wish to bring chaos and destruction to the world and leave behind their message to human civilization.
Genre: Detective, thriller, mystery
Good points: The artwork was wonderful and the story line was beautiful. Every character had such a deep background and you could watch their person developing throughout the series. The ending was  unexpected and really well done. I would highly recommend this anime to everyone and for them to watch it at least once in their lifetime because it was wonderful.
Bad points: I have no bad points at all. This was an exceptional anime.
Age rating:12+
Star ratings:
Artwork: *****
Story line: *****
Swearing: *
Violence:*** There was a few guns and alot of bombs!
Number of episodes: 11
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If you watch this anime, please tell me your thoughts on it and if you can recommend any similar anime to me, that would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy/ed this series.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Review: A lull in the sea

Plot: Hundreds of years ago all humans lived under the sea but, in time, some left to go to the surface to live on the land above. They began to realise the separation between them and the people who lived below. The story follows four 14 year olds after their school closes down under the sea, and they must begin to attend a school on the surface and must realise the true relationship between the land and the sea people. They come to know the emotions and new feelings that arrive after the end of their childhood and try to find ways in which the land and the sea civilizations can co-operate and live in peace..
Genre:Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Good points: The artwork was amazing and the character design was unique. The plot was original and I would have never have been able to think up such a clever storyline. Also the plot changed in so many clever and brilliant ways. I cannot praise this anime enough.
Bad points: I could find no faults with this series other than the fact that on every episode it had a strange brightness in the centre of the screen.
Age Rating: 12+
Star ratings:
Swearing: I cannot remember any that I was aware of
Violence: *
Number of episodes: 26
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Review: Kids On The Slope

Plot: Freshman highschool student, Kaoru Nishimi, has just moved on his own to a new town because of his father's job situation. In his old town he was an honor-roll student and liked to keep himself to himself but, after meeting the "Bad boy" of the school, Sentaro Kawabuchi, he starts to change. Through his unlikely friendship with Sentaro he learns the joy in playing Jazz music and also the importance of friendship.
Genre: Romance, Coming of age
Good points: The music and artwork for the scenery are stunning and the plot is really original. All the characters are likeable no matter how much you think you may hate them and every person has their own unique personality. The scenery is really detailed and the story is easy to follow even after all of the plot twists.
Bad points: I personally cannot find any faults with this anime and would highly recommend it.
Age rating: 11/12+
Number of episodes: 12
Star ratings:
Storyline:  *****
Artwork: ****
Swearing:  I can't remember any but I am not quite sure
Violence:  */*
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Totoro cake

The other day I was scrolling through anime pictures when I found a website with the most amazing looking cakes with Totoro icing figures on top of it and I fancied a go myself. I got some Dr Oetker fondant icing in red, yellow, green, blue and black (in one box) and bought some of Tesco's own white roll-out icing and modelled these figures. I made them the day before I made the cake and stored them in a cupboard at home. I made a plain sponge the next day, iced it and then placed the characters on top. I created the broom from 'Kiki's Delivery Service', Calcifer from 'Howl's Moving Castle', No Face from 'Spirited Away' and the three Totoros from 'My Neighbor Totoro' and a tree because, well, why not?

Hint- If you want to make a colour always add the coloured icing to the white rather than the white to the colour because otherwise you end up using up more icing than you need to.

Do let me know what you think!

Two strangers

Two strangers wandering through the night
Eyes as empty as midnight's ghost
Following nothing but the darkness
Never have their eyes befallen joy
So never will they know a reason to cry
Nothing can consume their empty souls
As there is nothing there to feast upon
They do not know where they are going
Nor do they know what surrounds them.
And following the darkness is a long road
Only the moon knows who they really are
They are the fear we do not know is there
When the sky turns dark, they come out of hiding
Two strangers wandering through the night
Disappear before hope has returned