Saturday, 15 August 2015

Review: K-ON

School student, Yui, can't find a good club to join in her first year of high school but soon finds out about the light music club which is going to be disbanded if they can't find at least four members. She joins and soon makes new friends with the other members but there is just one problem she can only play the ocarinas and can't afford a guitar. The band end up playing at school concerts and live gigs whilst having great fun at the same time.
Good points:
The story is completely safe for children and it doesn't swear once.. The jokes and plot are completely child-friendly and incorporates music with anime which is quite unique. The drawings were simple and effective and all scenes could be related to. I thought it was very clever with the jokes used and I found myself repeating some of them around the house. The characters were hilarious as even though they were in high school they acted so much younger or older. I enjoyed the first season greatly but as of yet I haven't watched the second season.
Bad points:
There is one or two lines which might be unsuitable for very young children but that could possibly be overlooked. There is nothing much else wrong with it except that if you want a short anime there are two seasons of it and a film although you could just watch the first lot of episodes.
Suggested age range:
Number of episodes:
There are 14 in the first season and 26 and an OVA. There is also a film.
Star ratings: (1*= poor or low content 5*= great or high content)
Violence:* If you count hitting someone on the head as violence
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