Monday, 17 August 2015

Review: Phantom Thief Jeanne

Female High School student, Maron Kusakabe, gets visited by an angel, known as Finn Fish. She tells Maron that she must help her capture demons hidden inside a range of paintings, otherwise human hearts will be destroyed. To do this, Maron must transform into 'Phantom Thief Jeanne', the reincarnation of Jeanne d' Arc, and permanently seal up the demons inside chess pieces. The plot  is further complicated by characters such as the local police chief who is trying to catch her, plus the chief's own daughter, Miyako who has long been Maron's best friend. They both fall in love with new classmate, Chiaki, who turns out to be trying to seal the demons himself in his own chess pieces. For further plot details, you are advised to read the Wikipedia explanation of this anime!!!
Good points:
After reading the manga series I was desperate to watch the anime and I was extremely impressed with how well the manga was converted into a great series. The characters were almost exactly how I imagined them to be and some were even better. The plot is great for all ages and I can't remember any use of bad language and I think that this will suit all but very young anime-lovers
Bad Points:
Because this is quite an old series the animation was quite fuzzy.When I saw this anime it was only in Japanese with Spanish sub-titles so I was just watching the pictures but I am now pleased to say that there are English  subbed versions available!
Suggested age range:
Number of episodes:
There are altogether 44 episodes with 27 in the first season and 17 in the second.
Star ratings: (1* poor or low content = 5*= great or high content)
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