Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Review: Angel Beats

Plot: This anime is set in a high school which acts as a limbo for people who have died, where they learn to forget and give up on anything that happened in their past life. It follows the main character, Otonashi, who meets a girl named Yuri who leads a battle against God for all the bad things that happened to them before they died. She persuades him to join the battlefront along with many other teenagers. Their only real enemy is Angel who uses her powers to fight against them although her real reason is unknown. The group goes through lots of troubles in their quest to defeat God and they gain more enemies as well as friends.

Genre:Action, comedy-drama, supernatural

Good Points:The artwork, plot and characters are great. It is a gripping anime and doesn't disappoint you right up until the end where you realize there isn't a second series. I loved this anime from start to finish. All the characters have there own back story which was interesting to guess and find out about. The comedy isn't over the top and is (sometimes) 'laugh out loud' funny, which I did enjoy.

Bad Points: They do swear a few times but only in appropriate places (when they are in so much danger or stress that they do feel the need to swear or curse). The anime is too short and there isn't a second series. I couldn't find any other thing bad about this anime and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Suggested age range:12+

Star Ratings: (1*= poor or low content  5*=great or high content)


Number of episodes:13
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Thursday, 3 December 2015


All the things we swore to forget, we remembered.
All the things we swore to save, we let perish.
All the things we swore to never say, we said.
All the things we swore to stay with, we left.

We are the people who destroyed people.
The people who destroyed empires.
The people who destroyed worlds.

I hope you know that we are not on your side.
I hope you know that we will never surrender to the war that you created.

We shall not end it.

If you are stupid enough to keep fighting against us, an invisible army, then so be it.
I hope that you are ready for us because we show no mercy.
Look at what we’ve made.
We’ve made weapons and  machines capable of killing in an instant.
Music boxes, filled with the sound of joy, now play the music of death.

Yet you still trust us?

And you know who we are.
We are you…

H.M December 2015

Note: I wrote this whilst off ill from school one day, listening to these YouTube tracks by HDsoundDI. My Dad said the music summed up the sounds of war. Let me know what you think. . .