Monday, 10 August 2015

Review: Sword Art Online

A computer gamer, known as 'Kirito', gets stuck in 'Sword Art Online' along with one-thousand other players and in order to escape the game they all have to complete level one hundred. Before they are able to pass through a stage, players have to defeat the monsters on each floor but to do that they have to build up their skill levels first.
 Along the way 'Kirito' meets Asuna and they work together to defeat the game and go back to there normal lives but others players aren't so keen on them getting out.
Good points:
The series kept me hooked even though a lot of the fights you could swear you'd seen before earlier on in the anime. The artwork was good and the dubbing kept in time with their mouths. It didn't swear too much although I would be lying if I said it didn't curse at all. Characters changed their personalities a lot in it which I found interesting because it kept me wondering what they would do next.
Bad Points:
The series dragged on a bit, and some episodes did seem extremely similar to one another and I got a little bit bored of that, although I can't say I didn't enjoy Sword Art Online. Hearing characters say the same things over and over again did make it slightly less enjoyable. There was one scene near the end which I skipped as I found it a little bit disturbing for my age.
Suggested Age Range:
Star ratings: (1*= poor or low content 5*= great or high content)
Ease of following: ****
Artwork: ****
Swearing/ cursing: **
Violence: ****
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