Monday, 17 August 2015

Review: Romeo x Juliet

Neo Verona, a floating island, holds a bloody battle, lead by Leontes Montague, where they murder all of the Capulet household except Juliet who manages to escape. Fourteen years later, Leontes rules over Neo Verona and crushes anyone who goes against him. Juliet, who is now sixteen, fights against house Montague, disguised as the 'Red Whirlwind'. At the Rose Ball that has been hosted by the Montagues Juliet meets Romeo and falls in love with him.
Romeo wishes to go against Leontes as he does not agree with his ideas of ruling and begins to work with the Capulets to overthrow the Montagues, but Leontes wants to remove them permanently from the face of the earth. Through overthrowing the Montagues they discover a dark secret lying hidden beneath Neo Verona.
Good points:
The series was very well done as the creators used the ideas from Romeo and Juliet yet added new and more interesting ones to make the anime more exciting. The characters were almost the same as in the original story although they were slightly more daring. I thought the script used was great and the lines were very clever in the way they worded certain sentences. They actually incorporated Shakespeare as one of the characters in it which I thought was extremely clever, especially considering what he did in it. The ending was superb and brought the anime to a fantastic close.
Bad points:
The story dragged on a little bit and, because I did already know the story, I skipped quite a bit of the series. Some sections were a little tedious and a lot of scenes did last too long and got a bit boring at times.
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