Friday, 25 March 2016

Review: A lull in the sea

Plot: Hundreds of years ago all humans lived under the sea but, in time, some left to go to the surface to live on the land above. They began to realise the separation between them and the people who lived below. The story follows four 14 year olds after their school closes down under the sea, and they must begin to attend a school on the surface and must realise the true relationship between the land and the sea people. They come to know the emotions and new feelings that arrive after the end of their childhood and try to find ways in which the land and the sea civilizations can co-operate and live in peace..
Genre:Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Good points: The artwork was amazing and the character design was unique. The plot was original and I would have never have been able to think up such a clever storyline. Also the plot changed in so many clever and brilliant ways. I cannot praise this anime enough.
Bad points: I could find no faults with this series other than the fact that on every episode it had a strange brightness in the centre of the screen.
Age Rating: 12+
Star ratings:
Swearing: I cannot remember any that I was aware of
Violence: *
Number of episodes: 26
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