Friday, 25 March 2016

Review: Kids On The Slope

Plot: Freshman highschool student, Kaoru Nishimi, has just moved on his own to a new town because of his father's job situation. In his old town he was an honor-roll student and liked to keep himself to himself but, after meeting the "Bad boy" of the school, Sentaro Kawabuchi, he starts to change. Through his unlikely friendship with Sentaro he learns the joy in playing Jazz music and also the importance of friendship.
Genre: Romance, Coming of age
Good points: The music and artwork for the scenery are stunning and the plot is really original. All the characters are likeable no matter how much you think you may hate them and every person has their own unique personality. The scenery is really detailed and the story is easy to follow even after all of the plot twists.
Bad points: I personally cannot find any faults with this anime and would highly recommend it.
Age rating: 11/12+
Number of episodes: 12
Star ratings:
Storyline:  *****
Artwork: ****
Swearing:  I can't remember any but I am not quite sure
Violence:  */*
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