Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review: Terror in resonance

Plot: In an alternate version of the present day, tokyo has been hit by major a terrorist attack and the
only evidence left behind by the culprits is an obscure message left by them online.
Although Japan views the terrorists as extremely dangerous criminals who go by the name of 'Sphinx', they are in fact two teenage boys who call themselves Twelve and Nine. They wish to bring chaos and destruction to the world and leave behind their message to human civilization.
Genre: Detective, thriller, mystery
Good points: The artwork was wonderful and the story line was beautiful. Every character had such a deep background and you could watch their person developing throughout the series. The ending was  unexpected and really well done. I would highly recommend this anime to everyone and for them to watch it at least once in their lifetime because it was wonderful.
Bad points: I have no bad points at all. This was an exceptional anime.
Age rating:12+
Star ratings:
Artwork: *****
Story line: *****
Swearing: *
Violence:*** There was a few guns and alot of bombs!
Number of episodes: 11
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If you watch this anime, please tell me your thoughts on it and if you can recommend any similar anime to me, that would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy/ed this series.

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